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Parenting is tricky. It is challenging. It is fun. And, it can be confusing.

Bend Nest is a place to discuss, consider and laugh about all that parenting brings. A new quarterly magazine produced by some of the finest writers, editors and photographers in Central Oregon, Bend Nest is smart and informed.

Aaron Switzer

Angela Switzer

Associate Editor
Amanda Klingman
Nicole Vulcan

Contributing Writers
Annette Benedetti
Magdalena Bokowa
Lori S. Brizee
Angela Geiser
Edie Jones
Lizzi Katz
Lisa Nasr

Calendar Editor
Magdalena Bokowa

Design & Layout
Euijin Gray

Cover Design
Euijin Gray

Cover Photography
Red Owl Photography

Alan Blatt
Daniel Pyle
Dustin Lalik
Gillian Rathbun Photography
John Tapper
Lisa Capiccioni
Red Owl Photography
Vast Action Photography

Advertising Executives
Amanda Klingman
Ban Tat
Chris Larro

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