Rickie Dean
Created by Rickie Dean

If adults have a tough time starting their own company, imagine the hurdles a prospective entrepreneur would face at age 12! Believe it or not, this unusually dedicated “kidpreneur” has already done it—designing, creating, and yes, selling her own purses and accessories. We discovered how one of Bend’s youngest business owners made it happen. It’s an inspiring interview for parents and kids alike.

Q What sort of products do you make right now… and is it true that you use mostly found/recycled materials to make them?

A Right now, I make skirt purses for gals of all
ages. I also have custom key chains, arm warmers, tooth pillows and my newest item is an apron for girls. Yes, my purses and aprons are upcycled. Everything else is new.

Q Where do you nd your materials?

A I nd my purse and my apron supplies at thrift stores. I get the supplies for everything else at craft stores.

Q What inspired you to start creating — and then selling — these products? Where did you get the idea?

A I come from a long line of entrepreneurs: my parents and grandparents on both sides, even my great-grand- parents on my dad’s side. My mom and grandpa helped me out with advice on how to run my business. I started my business, “Created by Rickie,” when I was eight and I just turned 12. I was looking at a sewing book to make a craft and I saw a purse; then I turned the page and there was a skirt so I decided I should combine the two. The other ones I came up with along the way.

Q How did you go about getting your products into stores? How did they react?

A I started selling in Leapin’ Lizards when my
friend walked in with one of my skirt purses and
[an employee] Molly, who loved it, told my friend
to have me come in. [Owner] Mrs. Suzy and Molly are fantastic and have happily let me sell my other products in the store.

Q Would you like to continue doing this type of work as you get older? What are your goals right now?

A I love my business and I want to continue my business for a long time. I plan to come out
with more products in the future.

Q Where are your products available to purchase?

A Right now my products are only available at Leapin’ Lizards but I plan to soon expand to other stores. I will also be a vendor at the Redmond Brewfest on August 18 and 19, a couple days before the eclipse.



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