Gone Camping: A Novel in Verse
by Tamera Will Wissinger / Illustrated by Matthew Cordell

Lily and Sam are ready to go camping and explore the great outdoors. But then, Lucy starts to think about nighttime. What if something crawls in their tent? Will we hear scary night noises?

Wissinger shares a novel in verse filled with unique poetic forms. Start out with “Going Camping,” a dramatic poem for two and get excited about camp- ing! Explore “If A Critter Creeps In” a scary, smelly what-if poem or “Cannon Ball!’ a splashing fun concrete poem. Wissinger’s poems capture a wonderful variety of camping adventures! Cordell’s black and white illustrations provide a fun look into Lucy and Sam’s campground experiences and outdoor noises. Provisioning for poetry, poetry techniques and poetic forms and stanza patterns are included in the back of the book. Try a recipe poem this summer—what ingredients do you need to go camping?

Camp Rex
by Molly Idle

“Searching for an outing to enjoy with your friends? Consider camping!” Put on your hiking shoes and go
on a camping adventure with Cordelia and her dinosaur friends. One of Molly Idle’s rst picture books captures the adventures of camping with friends. Smell that fresh air and discover something new! Watch out for dangerous plants and “refrain from disturbing the natural landscape…”

A joyful adventure for the whole family! Children will appreciate the traditional roasting of marshmallows and sing-alongs around the camp
re. Everyone will enjoy the delightful
expressions of each character while
swimming in a mountain lake or
listening to the forest sounds.
A perfect family read for the
summer. Canoe, hike and even
catch your own supper in
Molly Idle’s Camp Rex.

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