Leapin’ Lizards: Best Toy Store

Everyone’s game inside these walls

Suzy Reininger, right, owner of Leapin’ Lizards with Molly, employee / Casa Bay Photography

What if every day were Christmas morning?

That’s the feeling you get walking into Leapin’ Lizards Toy Co., with aisle after aisle of games, trains, dolls, stuffed animals, balance boards and so much more—no matter the season. Customers don’t wait until the holidays to visit this playtime paradise.

“Many of our locals come to browse the new toys and/or play— and we love that,” says owner Suzy Reininger, who takes great pride in the store’s special relationship with its customers.
“We feel like we have an incredible extended family.”

Many customers come in looking for gifts, and of course, the Leapin’ Lizards staff members are more than willing to help.

“We work to show them a wide range of age appropriate toys,” Reininger says, adding that her team will also help “explain how the individual toy will engage the child, and the bene t
of each toy to the child’s development. We are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, creative and try to make their shopping experi- ence fun.”

Better yet, employees aren’t afraid to spring into action, if necessary. “A great example is our Spooner Board,” she says. “We’ll gladly hop on the board to show how easy it is to use— usually encouraging a kid, parent or grandparent to give it a try.” Reininger’s also on a constant quest to keep her product line current. She promises more construction and so-called “STEM” toys that help kids learn while they’re having fun too.

One of Reininger’s long-time staff members, Molly, sums up the store’s philosophy this way: “It’s our job to bring out the kid in everyone—despite their age!”

Leapin’ Lizards Toy Co.
953 NW Wall St., Bend, Downtown
Phone: 541.382.8326
Mon.–Sat., 10am–6pm, Sun., 11am–4pm


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