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Making Momma Happy

By Annette Benedetti

Ann Rivera

Motherhood is a transformative experience. Everything changes when a small, new hu- man enters your life, including the way you eat, sleep, play and care for yourself (or don’t); many mothers find tending to their own basic needs and connecting with others difficult, leaving them feeling isolated and alone.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” While it’s meant to be tongue and cheek, there’s truth to it. Children experience, internalize and reflect what they witness taking place in their parents’ lives. If their parents are run down and unhappy, they too suffer, so one of the best ways to make sure your children are well adjusted, healthy and content is to make sure you are.

The following retreats are designed to support women who are feeling tired, lost and disconnected. They are all located in Oregon and could be just what momma needs.

Ambuja Back to Nature Women’s Yoga Retreat

Now in its fourth year, this three-day Back to Nature Women’s Yoga Retreat is held at the Tipi Village Retreat located just 30 minutes outside of Eugene, Oregon in the town of Marcola. It is designed to help participants let go, connect with nature and deepen their yoga practice.

In its first years, the retreat was so well received that cofounders Autumn Adams and Toni Acevedo expanded it so that it now includes two sessions in July. The getaway is all-inclusive and fondly referred to as a “glamping” experience. Moms can expect to spend their time practicing outdoor yoga, going on a local day-hike, participating in guided meditation and an intro to meditation workshop and dining on gourmet al fresco meals.

As the name of the retreat suggests, accommodations include staying and sleeping in one of the village’s cabins or tipis. Reserving a spot as early as possible is recommended.

WHEN: July 14-16 & July 16-18
WHERE: Tipi Village Retreat
39615 Wendling Rd., Marcola, Oregon
COST: From $373 – $478 (All Inclusive)
CONTACT: 541-408-2884

Awaken Retreat

Led by Sacred Mother’s Retreat co-founders Shanti O’Connor and Camden Sabat, Awaken Retreat is de- signed for mothers who are ready to heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds experienced during childbirth.

This retreat will be held at Suttle Lake Camp, and pro- vides an opportunity to learn about grief and trauma, how the body is impacted and how to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Participants can expect to use nature, yoga, storytelling, connection, writing, meditation, rebirthing, trauma release exercises and creativity to heal the birth trauma that is stored in the body.

Every participant will go home with resources that can be immediately applied to her life in order to continue the healing process.

WHEN: October 12-15
WHERE: Suttle Lake Camp
COST: $500 with a $100 registration fee

Sacred Mother’s Retreat

Founded by ve Central Oregon moms, this week- end retreat is designed to make mothers feel loved, healed, connected, honored and rejuvenated. Located at Suttle Lake Camp in Oregon, just fourteen miles west of Sisters, participants will spend their time nestled in the stunning eastern slopes of the Cascade mountain range.

Co-founder Shanti O’Conner is a counselor at Rooted & Open in Bend. She says that initially she envisioned a playful retreat with yoga, meditation, writing and hiking; but as additional co-founders joined they brought

healing elements to the experience that include activities like dreamscaping and vision boarding and the opportunity to receive personal work from practitioners skilled in massage, cranial sacral therapy, aroma touch and reiki. O’Conner says, “We have picked activities that help moms connect deeply to themselves and really tune into who they are now.”

The retreat’s accommodations are at Wesley Meadow Lodge where mothers will enjoy an intimate setting and a communal living experience.

Sacred Mother’s Retreat is sold out for 2017, however, those still interested, can sign up for the waitlist. To find out how to reserve your spot for 2018, visit Sa- cred Mother’s Retreat online.

WHEN: June 9 -11
WHERE: Wesley Meadow Lodge
COST: $275 with a $50 registration fee

Retreat Yourself!

If you prefer to rejuvenate with some alone time, consider heading to Breitenbush Hot Springs for a few days. Created with the intention of providing an environment where people can renew and evolve, this location offers the opportunity for a personal retreat.

Stay in a rustic cabin and enjoy eating wholesome food in the cafeteria where all three meals are pro- vided. Fill your days soaking in the hot spring pools, wandering the stone labyrinth, attending yoga and meditation classes, and getting massages. Then head home feeling like the best version of you.

WHERE: Detroit Oregon
COST: Varies

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