‘Tis the Season for Good Reads

Holiday Books for Your Preschooler

Liven your holiday reading list up with these super sweet, adventurous, and beautifully illustrated books for preschools. Evenings spent reading and re-reading these to your little bookworms will heighten the anticipation and magic of the season.

The Elves’ First Christmas
By Atsuko Morozumi

The holiday movie classic, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town, offers its take on how Santa Claus came to be the bearer of Christmas toys, but what about the origin of Santa’s elves? Morozumi’s imaginative book presents the “the untold story of how the elves first met Santa.” Once happy forest denizens, the elves were driven from their homes by loggers and embarked on a journey to find a new place to live. Each place they traveled was filled with dangers, and they continued to travel north in search of a home. As snow began to fall, they found themselves unable to go on and took shelter in a barn near a farmhouse. They next morning they were discovered by one other than Santa and Mr.s.Claus, and so began the friendship that has been written about in so many other tales. This story of adversity, generosity, and cooperation is told against the backdrop of beautifully expressive illustrations and will make a lovely addtion to your holiday reading list.

The Golem’s Latkes
Adapted by Eric Kimmel
Illustrated by Aaron Jasinski

This tale is an entertaining adaptation of the legend of the golem, the clay man created by Rabbi Judah in 16th century Prague to protect the Jewish community amid the threat of the Holy Roman Empire. In this story, the golem has a more humble task: to help prepare for the Rabbi’s Hanukkah party by make latkes. The golem will perform any task (and do it well but doesn’t know when to stop, so when left unattended, his latke-making abilities backfire as the fried potato pancakes begin to  amass, filing the kitchen and flowing out into the street (apparently, the Rabbi has quite a stockpile of  potatoes!) By the time the golem is told to stop, the latkes have piled up as high as the tallest building in Prague. And what do you do with a mountain of delicious latkes? What else – them! The double-page, earth-toned illustrations will captivate pre-readers, as they tell the story as effectively as the words. Children will be delighted by the rhythm of  “Peel. Chop. Mix. Fry.” that repeats throughout the book. A great read for the first night of Hanukkah!



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