8 Central Oregon Fire Safety Tips for Families

It’s that time of year again. Fire season. Every year Oregon has it and the region around Central Oregon seems to get hit especially hard. Fire season is both scary for and physically difficult on little ones. They hear the news about nearby fires and home being evacuated. They get deep, loud coughs from the smokey air. So how do you sooth your children’s worries while keeping them safe from the harsher elements of the season? Don’t worry, we’ve gathered some tips that will make this smokey season easier to bear.


Keep it Clean: If you like to grill during the summer months, make sure to clean your grill after every use to prevent a grease fire.

Find a Safe Space: Whether you are wanting to enjoy a back yard fire pit or light some fireworks, make sure you are doing in a space that is free of branches, long grass, and dry leaves that could easily catch fire.

Can the Coals: Once the coals from your fire have cooled, put them int a metal can with a lid to keep them from sparking and lighting up again.

Stay Prepared: Make sure you have an easy source of water available and a way to use it in an emergency (Standard garden hose will do the job.)

Protect Your Home: Clear leaves and dry, flammable debris from roofs, gutters, porches and decks so embers from fires wont ignite your home.

Water Your Lawn: Keep your lawn wet and hydrated to reduce flammability.

Breath Easy: When local fires are raging and the smoke levels in Bend get high, keep your kids inside. Fortunately there a a lot of indoor play places for your kiddos to get their energy out. Before you know it, the air will clear  and you will be out and about again.

Plan and Relax: Put together a family fire emergency plan. Go over it with your kid and practice it regularly. Talk to them about everything you are doing to keep the family safe. Then relax and enjoy your beautiful Central Oregon summer.


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