Preschool Book Reviews: Martin on the Moon and More

Trying New Titles

One of the wonderful things about books is that they age so well; sure, some have dated ideas and information that’s no longer relevant , but a great story is timeless. As parents we often return to our favorite childhood authors when reading to our own kids—Maurice Sendak, Arnold Lobel, Virginia Lee Burton, and so many others—but we should also try to seek out newer titles because you never know what might be the next favorites in your house. These three recently published books each offer their own kind of joy, so try something new and check one out today!

Red & Yellow’s Noisy Night
By Josh Selig

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“Lesson” oriented books can often feel too contrived, but this one makes its point with a gentle touch and keeps the story as the main focus. This is the first book published by the Little Light Foundation, a charity whose mission is to teach conflict resolution and mutual respect to children around the world, which is a goal most parents won’t mind promoting! Featuring two arboreal critters, Red and Yellow, this book demonstrates how friends can solve their problems in a mutually satisfying way. The story and illustrations are simple, sweet, and funny, and the message will be easy for kids of all ages to understand.


Beach feet
By Kiyoma Konagaya
Illustrated by Masamitsu Saito

Storytime bend library, Preschool Book ReviewsA day at the beach…from the foot’s perspective! Readers follow a child (and his feet) across the sand and into the water, feeling each moment through its tactile sensations. The author captures a child’s experiences perfectly, from the surprise of the hot sand to the thrill of floating in the water. The illustrations are sketchy and fluid, conveying the sense of movement and freedom. A great book for the family summer beach vacation!


Martin on the Moon
By Martine Audet
Illustrated by Luc Melanson

Bend Bookstores, bookstores in Bend, Storytime Bend Library, Preschool Book reviewsPoetic language guides this books storytelling so it is no surprise that the author is, in fact, a poet. Martin sits at his desk on the first day of school, daydreaming, recalling happy memories, missing the times and places that created them. Caught being “on the moon” by his new teacher, Martin is first embarrassed but then shares his thoughts, which are embraced by both the teacher and students. The author’s words are lovely and profound, yet accessible to young children. They evoke detailed images that bring the reader right into Martin’s thoughts, befitting the author’s beautiful description of poetry as “words that paint pictures in your mind and make music in your heart.”

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