Spring is a Time for Transition

Central Oregon

Angela Switzer

Editor’s Note

Parents see numerous transitions in the span of the child-rearing years. Seasons come and go, families grow in number and the children take on more responsibility. What may not be as evident is the importance of parents being there through these transitions, showing up when needed and just being available, when not.

Kids all over Central Oregon are lucky to be supported in the classroom with parents playing a bigger role in their child’s education. Studies show that parent engagement is paramount to success. (See Trending by Sherron Lumley, page). Referring again to the
classroom, school-age children in Oregon are being held to more stringent standards.  You may have heard of the Common Core State Standards, but may be in the dark when it comes to the details.  Kirsteen Wolf uncovers valuable information about what to expect (See Education). On the sticky subject of talking with kids about tragedy, Annette Benedetti, helps us navigate the way with compassionate tools for helping your child cope (see Health, page 33).

Transitioning your relationship with your older child can be one of the most emotional
phases of parenting. Learn how to let go and parent from afar in Leaving the Nest.With all this serious stuff, we can’t forget to take time for some good old-fashioned fun. Try eliminating family stress during Spring Break and check out our Central Oregon Staycation guide. We do live in a world class vacation spot after all! More on fun…kids get their ya-ya’s out with Bend Endurance Academy’s mountain bike program.

On another note, with Bend’s moniker of Dogtown, USA, it’s no wonder families in this
area are frequently seen accompanied by at least one furry friend.  But what about pets
caring for children?  Find out how therapeutic animals are being seen in clinical settings,
where their role as healer is a marvelous phenomena.

No matter your phase of transition, we think you’ll delight in the many articles we
have to offer.


Angela Switzer

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