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Parenting app, Vroom, comes to Central Oregon

Several Central Oregon agencies, including the Family Resource Center, The Early Learning Hub of Central Oregon, and the United Way of Deschutes County have recently come together to bring you an app, called Vroom.  The app was developed to help promote child brain development in the early years of life. 

New science tells us that our children’s first years are when they develop the foundation for all future learning. The brain is very impressionable between the ages of zero to three. Every time we connect with our child, it’s not just their eyes that light up, it’s their brains too. In these moments, half a million neurons fire at once, processing all the things we say and do. We can’t see it happening, but these connections shape our child’s ability to learn in the future.  Vroom turns shared one-on-one moments into brain building moments. Whether it’s mealtime, bath time, or anytime in between, you play a crucial role in the early brain development and enrichment that occurs on a daily basis.

The app, Vroom, makes it easy for parents to access fun activities any time to make the most of these precious years. Daily Vroom enhances the things you already do and helps spark new ideas.  The app offers daily tips that are centered around five key features to brain development in young children: Look, Chat, Follow, Stretch, and Take Turns.

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or download the free app.

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