It’s Our One-Year Anniversary

Bend Nest

Angela Switzer

It’s hard to believe a full year has gone by and Bend Nest is celebrating its one-year anniversary! We have heard from so many of you who are, not only enjoying the publication, but are actively joining in. Thank you, readers, for your support and contributions.

As we head straight into the holidays, take time
to include your kids in the family vacation planning. Whether it’s a trip to Grandma’s or a weeklong stay in Mexico, why not include everyone in the excitement?

More importantly, though, schedule time away from work or the routine just to spend some quality time together during the holidays.

When planning ahead to holiday shopping, check out our unique approach to the gift guide. Instead of the usual battery-powered, made-in-China stuff, we head in a new direction toward local experiential gifts. The idea is to bring families together for a more meaningful holiday experience, reduce the waste of useless items, and support local business.

Focusing on some educational heroes this issue, we are impressed by those working in our community to provide unique learning opportunities for our kids. Particularly of note, are: Sanford Shapiro of the Bend Learning Center and Linda Balsiger at Bend Language and Learning who address dyslexia and help kids overcome obstacles in school (see page 12), Audra Bohn, director of the Sylan Learning Center who is bringing an all girls STEM program to Bend(see page 10) and Kayla Wopschall who is brainstorming ideas for a children’s museum opening in the foreseeable future. (see her interview by Jared Rasic, page 30).

Feeling torn this winter about taking time away from family to get some exercise? Annette Benedetti has some tips for this balancing act (see page 35) and shares with us her knowledge of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in her Health piece (see page 39). In Leaving the Nest, this time, I address the compounding stresses our teens face as they navigate their last educational foray before college. Some very worthwhile reading awaits you.

Happy Holidays from our nest to yours!


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