Learning To Fly

Angela Switzer

Angela Switzer

Last-minute vacations? Laid-back quality time with the fam? You betcha! The lazy days of summer may be waning, but it’s certainly not too late to enjoy the last of the summer fun right here in Central Oregon. Amazingly, Bend and surrounding areas continue to pack in the events for the fall season, leading right up to Halloween, in most cases. (Check out our Calendar.)

In so many ways, back-to-school is a bittersweet time for us as parents. It signals a new beginning for our kiddos but a realization that they are really growing up! Whether you look forward to your kindergartener riding the bus for the first time or anticipate (with dread?) life in the dorm for your college-bound teenager, it is with mixed emotion that we say goodbye to the relaxed schedule of summer and embrace the upcoming routine of the school year.

Welcome to our Back-to-School issue! We’ve got you covered for tackling all sorts of school-related challenges and offer tips to help your little loved ones overcome back-to-school anxieties (see Linda Knittel’s Health article). You’ll gain insight into the lives of some very dedicated teachers and learn why they do what they do in Phil Busse’s Feature. And, be informed about a new International School
coming our way (see Education). Check out some local darlings in our Back-to-School Style, and don’t forget to include yourself when updating that family wardrobe (see Adult Time). Enjoy a cultural piece about a courageous family who takes the leap into theater just to do something “outside their comfort zone.”

In Leaving the Nest, I share what I know to be the challenges of having teen drivers in the house. And just following, we present an insightful interview with Kathy Levine, the frontline of the Bend-LaPine school District’s Driver’s Ed program, in the Things I’ve Learned (page 50).

Enjoy the changing season, and happy reading!

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