Things I’ve Learned: KTVZ Meteorologist Bob Shaw

Bob Shaw

• Both weather systems and children are very dynamic. You have to study them carefully and be ready to adjust to changing and developing conditions.

• Neither my kids or the weather in Central Oregon is predictable. Deal with what comes one day at a time.

• Go into the game knowing there will be both the up (high pressure) and the down (low pressure) days. Go in prepared for either, and know that the dynamics can change quickly.

•If you are good at it, they will pay you.

•Go after what you love; you won’t be disappointed.

• At some point along the way, we graduate from parents to coaches. Then, you release them into the game and wait patiently on the sidelines to see how to help. When they need it, they will call “time out” and come ask for advice.

• The one superpower that would have helped me as a parent is probably not the one I would have wanted: Being able to see into the future.

• Rejoice in the good times, and forgive the mistakes.

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