Publisher’s Note: Winter 2014

Angela Switzer, Bend Nest

I recall the time as a child when my mother pointed out a small bird’s nest tucked deep in the bush just outside our living room window. Afforded a secret view for a few weeks, I monitored three featherless creatures as they bobbed up and down, beaks wide open and then, one day, a fuzzy small bird emerged. I watched as a little puffball teetered on the edge of the nest, flapped voraciously and then took that first leap into the wide world before him.

My son, high school senior, discussing college options with me recently, evokes this same feeling of trepidation and excitement. He reminds me that soon my nest too will be empty, as my two teenage sons, born and raised in this magical high desert, will be airborne and gone. They have thrived in a community focused around the great outdoors and have grown up the “old-fashioned” way—in fresh air, embraced by mountains and rivers and with a supportive community.

Perhaps it is ironic that as our boys leave their nest we present a new parenting magazine—or perhaps it is with years of earned wisdom.

Welcome to Bend Nest! We are elated to present to you our very first issue. We hope that you find it fun, informative and inspiring. With our new publication, we will strive to provide insights into parenting, glean advice from local experts, share recommendations for cultural events , offer directions to help get your child into the outdoors and supply you with plenty of event listings and services related to all phases of child rearing.

We hope you enjoy our publication—and enjoy watching as our writers and designers take our first steps into the broad world of parenting in Central Oregon.


—Angela Switzer, Associate Publisher

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